Jim Melvin

The Death Wizard Chronicles

Color map of Triken


Author’s note: Many character and place names are English derivatives of Pali, a Middle Indo-Aryan dialect closely related to Sanskrit but now extinct as a spoken language. Today, Pali is studied mainly to gain access to Theravada Buddhist scriptures and is frequently chanted in religious rituals.

Akasa Ocean (ah-KAH-sah): Largest ocean on Triken. Lies west of Dhutanga, Jivita, and Kincara.

Anna:Tent City of Tējo. Home to the Tugars.

Arupa-Loka (ah-ROO-pah-LOH-kah): Home of ghosts, demons, and ghouls. Lies near northern border of the Gap of Gamana. Also called Ghost City.

Avici (ah-VEE-chee):Largest city on Triken. Home to Invictus.

Bakheng (bah-KENG): Central shrine of Dibbu-Loka.

Barranca (bah-RAHN-chuh): Rocky wasteland that partially encircles the Great Desert.

Cariya River (chah-REE-yah): Largest river west of Mahaggata Mountains.

Catu (chah-TOO): Northernmost mountain on Triken.

Dhutanga (doo-TAHNG-uh): Largest forest on Triken. Lies west of the Mahaggata Mountains. Also known as the Great Forest.

Dibbu-Loka (DEE-boo-LOW-kah): Realm of the noble ones. Means Deathless World in the ancient tongue. Originally called Piti-Loka.

Duccarita (DOO-chu-REE-tuh): City of slave traders, pirates, thieves, and rapists in the northwestern corner of the Gap of Gamana.

Gap of Gamana:Northernmost gap of the Mahaggata Mountains.

Gap of Gati:Southern gap that separates the Mahaggata Range from the Kolankold Range.

Golden Road:Road paved with a special golden metal that connects Avici and Kilesa.

Gray Plains:Arid plains that dominate much of the land east of the Ogha River.

Green Plains:Lushplains that surround Jivita.

Ice Ocean:Ocean that lies northeast of Okkanti Mountains.

Iddhi-Pada (IDD-hee-PUH-duh): Series of four roads that leads from Jivita to Avici, passing through Lake Hadaya, the Gap of Gati, Nissaya, and Java.

Java (JAH-vah): Dark Forest that lies east of Nissaya.

Jivita (jih-VEE-tuh): Wondrous city that is home to the white horsemen. Located west of the Gap of Gati in the Green Plains. Also called the White City. Known as Jutimantataa (City of Splendor) in the ancient tongue.

Kamupadana(kuh-MOO-puh-DUH-nah): Home of Warlish witches and their lesser female servants. Also called the Whore City.

Kauha Marshes (COW-hah): Deadly marshes that lie between Avici and Kilesa.

Kilesa (kee-LAY-suh):Sister City of Anna.

Kincara Forest (KIN-chu-ruh): Large forest, though not as large as Dhutanga, that lies south of the Green Plains.

Kolankold Mountains (KO-luhn-kold): Bottom stem of the Mahaggata Mountains, located south of the Gap of Gati.

Lake Hadaya (huh-DUH-yuh): Large freshwater lake that lies west of the Gap of Gati.

Lake Keo (KAY-oh):Large freshwater lake that lies between the Kolankold Mountains and Dibbu-Loka.

Lake Ti-ratana (tee-RAH-tuh-nah): Large freshwater lake that lies west of Avici.

Mahaggata Mountains (MAH-hah-GAH-tah): Largest mountain range on Triken. Shaped like a capital Y.

Mount Asubha (ah-SOO-buh):Dreaded mountain in the cold north that housed the prison of Invictus.

Nirodha (nee-ROW-dah): Icy wastelands that lie north of the Mahaggata Mountains.

Nissaya (nee-SIGH-yah): Impenetrable fortress on the east end of the Gap of Gati. Home of the Nissayan knights.

Ogha River: (OH-guh): Largest river on Triken. Begins in the northern range of Mahaggata and ends in Lake Keo.

Okkanti Mountains (oh-KAHN-tee): Small range with tall, jagged peaks located northeast of Kilesa.

Salt Sea: Dead inland sea south of the Okkanti Mountains.

Tējo (TAY-joh): Great Desert. Home of the Tugars.

Tent City: Largest city in Tējo. Home to the Tugars. Also known as Anna.

Triken (TRY-ken): Name of the world. Also name of the land east and west of the Mahaggata Mountains.